Global Fuel Trading - Supplying your energy commodities

The global energy system is facing many challenges. It will have to continue to supply secure and affordable energy in the face of growing demand. At the same time society expects cleaner energy and less pollution, with an increasing emphasis on environmental sustainability.

In today's highly competitive markets, the capability to identify opportunities, threads and challenges is a crucial factor to grab and secure competitive advantages in the long run.

Established in 2009, Global Fuel Trading acknowleges these challenges and is building a solid market position due to extensive knowledge, experience, a strong international network and a variety of promising new projects.

Global Fuel Trading is an international operating company specialized in procurement and logistics of thermal (steam) coal, coking coal, nickel ore, iron ore and palm kernel shells with a strong link to Indonesia. Its enthusiastic and experienced team – well versed to cope with the challenges of the trade – ensures a smooth and efficient performance.

The basis of our international trading activities is the strong and personal relationship with our clients. Partnering with our customers and suppliers to create custom solutions with an aim to increase fuel flexibility and reliability is how Global Fuel Trading stands out of the crowd.

With our head offices based in Indonesia, Global Fuel Trading is well positioned to become your partner in the supply of your fuel and energy commodities.

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